Welcome to Positively Powerful!

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Welcome to the Positively Powerful blog!

First of all, thank you for coming by to see what we have in store for you! Today is the first day for the Positively Powerful Blog to get started, so I’ll be telling you a little bit about myself along with what I plan on having in store for this site.

Starting around the New Year, I knew I wanted to do something to help women become more engaged in the Bible, praying, and bettering themselves. So many times I hear of women complaining about different things: their husbands, their children, their jobs. Altogether I truly believe these things can be changed by our own actions. As a wife, a mom (of two boys) and a Christian woman, I try to do my best to encourage others to become happy, positive, and overall powerful in their own lives.

By focusing on having a more positive attitude, praying more, studying the Word regularly and simply being more involved in positive things in our daily lives, everything else will improve, as well.  Whether it’s a work, at home, or on the go, we can keep great things on our mind. Stay focused, stay motive, and most importantly, stay positive. This will effect your entire day. Year. LIFE.

In order to make sure that Positively Powerful is continuously improving, please leave feedback. I look forward to reading your comments and seeing how much we can work on improving ourselves as women of Christ!